Our management board

Badisa Wynberg is managed by a Governing Board of volunteers that provide their expertise and time to serve the community.

Ontmoet vir Annie Hattingh

Annie Hattingh is as die Bestuurder Maatskaplike Diensprogramme(BMD) van Badisa Wynberg aangewys vanaf 1 Junie 2017.
Annie het 21 jaar ervaring in die maatskaplike werk beroep waarvan die afgelope 10 jaar as BMD by Badisa in die Boland area.

A Message from the Badisa team

Almost daily we are confronted with news headlines of another child who has been hurt badly. The sad part is that there are still people out there who are  aware of a child`s suffering, but rather choose to turn a blind eye. Badisa Wynberg`s vision is a community in action, together in ensuring a safe future for our children. The challenge to our readers are therefore: Let us join hands to protect our vulnerable children and help them to prosper.

Badisa Wynberg High Tea

Badisa Wynberg was able to host their second annual High Tea on 25 March 2017 at the Constantia Dutch Reformed Church Hall. The atmosphere was very sociable, relaxed and filled with lots of fun and laughter. Guests were fortunate to be inspired by the presence of the well-known Radio Tygerberg presenter, writer and inspirational speaker, Benescke Janse Van Rensburg. With the theme “Living beyond yourself” Benescke`s message can be summarised as follows:

  • How we can reach out to other people who need us? By getting out of our comfort zones and placing ourselves in other people`s shoes, which will enable us to experience other people`s suffering and pain.
  • With the contributions we make, no matter how big or small, we will never realise what impact and difference this makes in someone else’s life.

With the support and donations from surrounding businesses, random spot prizes as well as a gift pack to each attending guest could be offered, as a token of appreciation for their support.

The Management and Staff of Badisa Wynberg would like to thank our supporters and their contribution to help make this such a successful event!

Ontmoet Julene Conradie

Julene Conradie, die kantoorkoördineerder by Badisa Wynberg, se verhaal spreek van opoffering, verskeie balle in die lug hou, uithou en aanhou. Dalk ook die rede hoekom sy juis die uitdagende aard van maatskaplike werk so goed verstaan asook die leefwêreld van die kinders wat sy moet beveilig.

Sy is oorspronklik van Grabouw se wêreld, waar sy by haar ouma grootgeword het. Haar ma, wat reeds ‘n slagoffer van huweliksgeweld was, was eers ‘n enkelouer, maar het later weer getrou met ‘n man wat haar ook mishandel het. Die blootstelling hieraan, asook aan ‘n familielid wat aan alkohol verslaaf was, het Julene in haar Standard 8- jaar daarvan oortuig om in ‘n maatskaplike rigting te studeer.