Sonia acquired her Diploma in Administration at IT Business Campus in 2009, and joined our team on 14 March 2016. She is passionate about assisting others in any way possible to enable them to carry out their daily responsibilities and to maximise on their productivity.


Just the idea of making a difference for the better in someone’s life, motivates Regina to get up every morning. She studied Social Wuxiliary work at the Institute for Quality in Bellville and joined our team in August 2016.

Simone OosthuizenSimone Oosthuizen

Simone graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2014 where she completed her degree in Social Studies. After gaining experience in the field, she joined Badisa Wynberg as our Foster Care Social worker in 2015.


In 2014, Stephné completed her degree in Social Studies at Stellenbosch University, after which she received practical training at Badisa Wynberg where she also currently works as Reunification Social Worker. Backed by her experience in early intervention and family reunification, Stephné finds it rewarding to assist families in realising their potential as a stable unit, and helping them to achieve these goals.

Elmarie-Fisher-aElmarie Fisher

Elmarie registered as a Social Auxiliary Worker 5 years ago. After she had the opportunity to work in child protection services alongside the Social Worker, she is happy to be qualified as a Social Worker herself. She has found this journey to be a remarkable experience. 


Marilyn-JantjiesMaralyn Jantjies

Maralyn acquired her Social Auxiliary Worker Certificate in 2013 at Huguenot College in Wellington. Her passion towards her work as a Social Auxiliary Worker lead Maralyn to join Badisa Wynberg on 1 July 2014, where she is currently assisting the foster care team. To see the positive effect of her work on people’s lives is a very humbling and rewarding experience for her.Acquired her social auxiliary worker certificate at Huguenot College in Wellington in 2013. She is passionate towards her work as a social auxiliary worker and recently joined Badisa Wynberg on 1 July 2014, where she is currently assisting the Foster Care team.


JuliaCampherJulia Campher

Julia completed her Bachelors degree in Social Work at the University of Cape Town in 2011, her Honours degree in Probation and Correctional Practice in 2012, and her Master’s degree in the same field in 2014. Soon after, in September 2014, she joined the Badisa Wynberg family. She finds it rewarding to improve a child’s circumstances and providing them with a nurturing environment. She believes this will enable them to change their life course and deter from the negativity, as well as risky behaviour and criminal activity they have been exposed to.