Badisa Wynberg is a social services programme which prioritises all mentions of professed child neglect, molestation or abuse. This means that social workers must have the necessary skills to assess children and families, and deliver and present court reports to the Children's Court.

If children have been neglected or abused, they are placed with safety parents in safety homes, foster care or child and youth care centres (children's homes).

Our program creates safety networks in the communities to protect children and to assist both parents and children. Our offices also facilitate life skills projects and awareness campaigns to children, empowering them to make better life choices.

With the help of Badisa Wynberg, vulnerable children in poorer communities are able to overcome the challenges of inadequate school progress, teenage pregnancies, substance abuse, criminal behaviour and unemployment.

Children are exposed to a variety of activities on a spiritual, social and educational level, within a structured and therapeutic environment.

Our program focuses on the unique strengths of every individual to develop his/her potential to the fullest.

Badisa Wynberg also provides an after-school facility to feed children, keep them safe and to assist them with school work.