Foster care supervision services

Badisa Wynberg considers services to children in alternative care as very important – it is in the best interest of all children to be cared for by their own parents.


If by unfortunate circumstances it is not the case Badisa Wynberg will consider supervision services to foster parents and children in foster care as a very important responsibility.

  • Services to the child in foster care will include supervision of the foster placement and the management of an individual development plan.
  • Such a plan will determine the developmental needs of a child and a plan will be put in place to reach the specific developmental goals. These goals will be directed to assist the child in dealing with the challenges of living in alternative care and to reach his or her full potential in spite of compromising social circumstances.  
  • Supervision services to children in foster care should be done in conjunction with the family reunification services as an order towards alternative care is made by the children’s court for a period of two years.
  • This placec a heavy burden on parents to implement reconstruction actions for a child to be reunited with his or her parents as soon as possible.