Statistics 2016/17

During 2016/2017 Badisa Wynberg rendered social services to:

  • 3344 vulnerable children and families
  • 1097 new referrals of children at high risk
  • 203 children in foster care
  • 47 children’s court inquiries

Social issues addressed during 2016/2017:

  • 54% neglect, abuse, sexual molestation, juvenile substance abuse
  • 19% marital problems, family violence, insufficient parental skills
  • 21,4% financial need, prostitution, housing needs, unemployment
  • 5,6% adult substance abuse

Social services are rendered in a continuum from prevention, early intervention, statutory intervention and reunification. Through our Bright Box Project, we were able to equip day mothers in Westlake with the tools and knowledge, to provide pre-school children with opportunities to access home-based early childhood development.