1. Commitment to serve:

  • We serve people in need according to the example set by Jesus Christ.
  • We strive to render a relevant, affordable quality service.
  • We put the interests, rights and needs of the consumer/client first.
  • Our service is accessible to all people, irrespective of race or religion.

2. Justice:

  • We aim to treat everyone fairly and equally and avoid all forms of discrimination.
  • Fellow-staff and consumers of the service will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Corrections and adjustments will be done on merit and with the utmost
  • Transparency and accountability.

3. Excellence:

  • We aim to provide the consumer/client with the absolute best service, and therefore all staff members will be worthy and loyal to their positions.
  • We aim to render a quality service, which includes complying with due dates, ensuring correct documents and well-planned services.
  • Our services will be relevant, sustainable and efficient.
  • We will maintain a participatory management style and work together as a team on all levels of the organisation to create a positive spirit and culture.
  • We will maintain effective communication on all levels of the organisation.

4. Stewardship:

  • We will manage the people, finances and assets provided to Badisa Wynberg responsibly and honestly.
  • With a view to transparency we will be accountable for any information entrusted to us, to anyone who is entitled to.
  • People, for instance staff members of the management board and volunteers, are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions in the execution of their respective functions/tasks.
  • We will act with integrity at all times.